FAQ’S Answers to your Questions

      • I’m interested, what do I do next?
        In order to be considered to represent Sixth Star as Cruise Enrichment Staff, please complete the online application form on our website “Apply with Sixth Star”.

        What type of Enrichment Staff do you place?
        Destination Lecturers, Special Interest Lecturers, Naturalists, Celebrity Speakers, Ballroom Dance Instructors, Bridge Directors, Arts & Crafts Instructors, Distinguished Gents, Face Painters, Balloon Twisters, Silhouette Artists, Caricaturists, Hawaiian Kumus, Clergy, Texas 42 Instructors, and more.

        How much is your fee?
        It varies by position.

        Where do the cruises go?
        We have itineraries available worldwide (Alaska, Asia, Australia, Bahamas, Baltic, Bermuda, Canada/New England, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Panama Canal, South America, Transatlantic, and more.

        When can I select from the available cruise listings on the Sixth Star Website?
        You can select cruises once you have received an official Sixth Star Qualification Letter. Please only select from the cruise listing you have been qualified for.

        What is not provided by the cruise?
        Typically, airfare, ground transfers, and the gratuities to the onboard staff, but the perks offered varies by cruise line and your Sixth Star Account Manager will be happy to provide you with additional details once they receive your cruise request.

      • How do I know which cruises are available for me to choose from?
        All of our available cruises are listed on our website by position and date.

        How do I select a cruise?
        Once you’re sure that you’re available and that the travel costs associated with the cruise are acceptable, simply click on a cruise listings on our website. A cruise request form will appear addressed to the Sixth Star Account Manager that handles the placements for the cruise you have selected. Please complete the form in full and submit it at your earliest.

        How do I know if my program is accepted for the cruise line?
        The Sixth Star Account Manager will inform you as soon as they receive a response from the cruise line. This can take from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the sailing date of the cruise and cruise line.

        What is the minimum age requirement for my guest?
        This can vary by cruise line. Most premium cruise lines require that the guest be at least 16 years old and some luxury cruise lines require the guests to be 21 years old.

        How many guests may I bring?
        In most cases only one guest is permitted.

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        Can I join or disembark a cruise mid voyage?

        Will the cruise line accept a different Enrichment Program in lieu of what’s posted on the Sixth Star Website?

        No, please only select from the available cruises listed for your qualified position with Sixth Star.

        Can we bring our young son or daughter to share our bed as an additional guest?
        If the child is an infant, some cruise lines will allow them to sail as a second guest and will provide a crib.

      • When will my presentations/sessions be scheduled?
        You will typically have an initial meeting with the Cruise Director, Assistant Cruise Director, Activities Manager, or Cruise Program Administrator on the first day of the cruise. They will usually provide you with a preliminary schedule that will include the dates, times, and locations of your presentations/sessions. Please be sure to verify that nothing has changed since you were provided with the preliminary schedule each night in the daily cruise program of onboard activities that’s placed in your cabin each night.

        How do I get from the airport to the ship?
        In most cases you will be fully responsible for getting you and your guest to and from the ship without involving the cruise line. The Sixth Star Website will provide you with helpful information for most of the world’s ports of call that includes taxi service, bus service, shuttle service, train service, and more. Our Port Information is located on the right hand side of our website by Countries.

        Is a visa required for my cruise and how do I apply?
        This will depend on your nationality and it’s up to you to verify if a visa is necessary. The Sixth Star Website provides helpful information pertaining to visa requirements and visa services. U.S. & Canadian Citizens typically require visas for South America, Asia, Australia (ETA & MCV – Crew Visa), if you are considering or are booking a cruise in these regions please ensure you look into the visa requirements.

        Is an inoculation required for my cruise?
        Most itineraries do not require inoculations and this can also be verified with the Center for Disease Control

        What if a hurricane approaches the area/region of the cruise?
        The passengers and crew’s safety are the highest priority of the Cruise Line and ship’s Captains. Anytime a hurricane or other major weather condition threatens the safety of the passengers and crew, the Captain will revise the ship’s itinerary as necessary.

        How will my family contact me onboard the ship?
        The documentation provided by Sixth Star will include information you can give to your family so they can reach you onboard the ship in the event of an emergency.

        May I bring a travel iron on the cruise?
        No, due to the fire risk irons are not permitted onboard.